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Comic Nerd will be online soon to provide you the best prices for your hobby needs no matter where you are in the world.

Your input is important to us, so stayed updated with our development as we keep moving along through the year.

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Comic Nerd is created by two devoted comic book hobbiest who collect for the fun of it, as we collected our big concern was how much we spent on Collecting. Deciding we need to make the hobby more affordable for fans and collectors a like we decided to create our own shop.

With our past experience selling comics books as one of the owners has owned his own comic book shop in the past who has decided to return! The main reason being how much he missed the people he met through the sale of comic book related merchandise, we've decided to build Comic Nerd.


Comic Nerd is a new comic based online shopping site which will carry the latest comic books, graphic novels, toys, statues, t-shirts, CGC graded comic books and many more comic hobby related merchandise.

We have future plans to introduce our very own brick and mortar stores in select locations across North America to start.

We are bring a website filled with features to give our customers multiple ways to collect with such ease for less and if your wondering how we plans on doing that keep reading below.


We'll be bring you features like direct ordering from the Previews Magazine which comes out every month packed with the stuff you could add to your collection 3 months in advance cheaper then your local Comic Book Shops or Other Online Shops. Just come visit us at the start of every month to submit your orders. With No Commitments!

With a subscription system so easy to manage you will be wondering why none of our Competitors have done the same. Sign up for your subscription to whatever comic book title you would like then just sit back while we do all the work, if you want to add a none subscription items you can do that as well by just checking out the rest of the site. Get one big shippment with same discounts available on your subscription systems, even if it's a subscription you haven't subscribed to yet!

Shipping too expensive and you don't qualify for Free Shipping? Not a problem, get a few friends together, ship your order to yourself or one of your friends and share the cost of the shipping. Why? It leaves you saving more Cash so you can save up for the next big item you want!

Having issues? No problem every member has a private inbox to communicate with us, no need for emails! Want a quicker answer, give us a call and we will help you with anything you need!

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We only focus on key social networks unlike other companies who will try to spam you on every social network they can find you on, we belive in quality over quantity and only post material that we believe our fans will enjoy.

Our Social Networks will always have exclusive offers to our members through our custom applications we build for them, so keep checking them often for new contests and promos.

If social networks are not your thing, just sign up for our newsletter and stay informed about our updates!